Of course, Alyosha

Of course, Alyosha Whether it is possible to consider, what the unpleasant event on a New Year's holiday became the reason of developing of stutter in this case?

Not all children came to a holiday in individual suits, but they did not attach it great value.

Of course, Alyosha began to stammer not because of incident with a suit at all.

The adverse factors influencing during the different periods development of the child led to emergence of readiness for stutter.

The history during the holiday became only a push and if not this event, any another would be that last straw which pushed the child to stutter.

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Adult: Worm? Child: To a small

Adult: Worm? Child: To a small Adult: Kernels?

Child: To a rooster.

Adult: Cheese?

Child: To a mouse.

Adult: Carrot?

Child: To a hare.

Adult: Fly?

Child: To a frog.

Adult: Worm?

Child: To a small fish.

Adult: Bone?

Child: To a dog.

Adult: Milk?

Child: To a cat.

Adult: Grass?

Child: To a cow.

The task can be complicated: let the child answer with two words, repeating your question.

Adult: Honey?

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And here

And here And here on morning performance in kindergarten, meeting strangers, the child stammers very strongly, sometimes in general refuses to speak.

And if business concerns socalled emotionally significant situation the child broke a cup, punishment approaches, it is necessary to answer, and the answer does not appear in any way.

Child lefthander and stutter Many parents are excited by a question: whether it is worth retraining the lefthander, whether it will be reflected on health and character of the child, his intellectual development.

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All right

All right Brenton when he wanted to take in hand the ungirdled class.

Now I here the hostess, and I want that my bed was always dry so, smart guy, you want do not want, and you have to learn to hold urine.

All right told a bubble gloomy.

If has to, means has to.

Annie was in high spirits.

I so want that everything was normal!

she told.

And what I have to do?

It is necessary to measure amount of urine which your bubble is capable to keep.

Thus, you will be able to determine its volume, and also to measure it when it starts stretching.

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And in wine

And in wine Do not press on conscience!

If the child does not restrain for any reason, it can press so him that the strong feeling of fault will be created.

And in wine life to anybody did not help to get rid of an addiction yet.

Only actions help.

With seniors conversation has to be a bit different.

Almost the adult at least, such they consider themselves will not want to listen to your lectures about harm and to orders: stop!

And the company in which smoke others, free involuntarily provokes it.

Here rather councils will help if the child got used to consult on you if it was already convinced, and more than once, of their value.

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